SO117.50952S Анкерный зажим 3-4х(50-95) мм2

Артикул: SO117.50952S
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For the termination of 3 or 4-core LV ABC cable with hook or universal fixing. The clamp has strong springs which keep the clamp in an open position during the installation of conductors. The clamping action functions through wedges. The body is made of weather resistant aluminium alloy and the plastic parts of fibreglass reinforced plastic.

Масса: 1.35 kg
Размер проводника: 3-4x50-95 
Диметр проводника: 10.8-15.8 mm
Испытательное напряжение: 4 kV / 50 Hz / 1 min 
Минимальная разрывная нагрузка: 3x50 mm² 16.6 kN / 3x95 mm² 23 kN 
Момент затяжки: 44 Nm

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